Longerak Cabins are located in Setesdal - a valley which is 150 kilometres in length.  The scenery is both varied and spectacular, and Setesdal is also known for its cultural attractions. For more information please visit

At Fånekleiva near Longerak, you can see some of the problems facing local road builders down the decades.  It is possible to follow 4 seperate routes chosen at different times to take travellers round or over this small but steep and rocky hill. A tunnel driven through the heart of the hill gave a fifth and final solution to this traffic stopper.

Production of decorative silverware used to ornament the local variety of the national dress. 

The local architecture is also considered to be special, and the visitor can find many examples of these uniquely-styled timbered farmhouses and their adjacent outhouses which have survived the centuries.  

Longerak is also home to technological history in the form of a power station from 1915.  The power station, with its magnificent main building, is still producing hydro-electric power from the 300 meter high waterfall.