The cabins are located just a few meters from the Byglandsfjord so guests can enjoy a swim in the pure, clear water.

There are many sandy beaches and rock beaches as well as small islands – all of which are easily accessible and ideal for bathing. 

In the neighbouring village you will find Elgtun, a beautiful Elk park where you can observe elks being feeded in natural surroundings. If you are lucky you can even try petting the elks, so this park is defintively worth a visit!

See Elgtun for more information.


The Byglandsfjord is a 30 kilometre long inland lake which is home to large numbers of trout and “bleke”.  The "bleke" is a dwarf salmon which got trapped in these waters as the landmass rose after the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

There are also other mountain lakes in the area with large trout to tempt the angler. 


The surrounding hills offer a variety of forest walks in virgin terrain. 

You can pick berries or mushrooms when these are in season. 

There are numerous forest roads and paths along which a rambler might suddenly meet beaver, hare, deer or elk.  You can also meet the black grouse, woodcock and a variety of other fascinating forest birds.